UK Craft Fairs Calendar 2017 / 2018

Craft Fairs, shows and classes from around the UK.

The UK Craft Fair Calendar is a complimentary service available to anyone organising or attending a Craft Fair, event, class or workshop.

Add your craft events without the need to log in.

The growth of craft fairs in recent years in UK is amazing. You need to be one step ahead so if you're organising a UK craft fair then list it here to reach an ever growing crafter audience all over the UK. We are now accepting craft fair listings for 2018.
We have moved from MyOwnCreation

About UK Craft Fairs.

This free Art & craft fair diary is widely circulated on Twitter, Facebook and BLOGS and is open to anyone who is involved with organising a fair, show, exhibition, class or workshop as long as it is for Art, Craft, Photography, pottery, sculpture, card making or any other crafting or handmade activity. There is no restriction on the size of the event as long as it benefits the arts & crafts community.

Many of these listings have been taken from MyOwnCreation which is also part of Softdrive Services group of websites. Eventually, MyOwnCreation will be fully integrated here. The link for UK Craft fairs is UK craft fairs and offer similar services and are part of


Q. How much does it cost to list craft fairs on this website?
A. Currently it's free.

Q. How many craft events can I list?
A. You can list as many as you like as far in advance as you like.

Q. Do you run craft fairs?
A. No, we only list other peoples.

Q. What more can I do if I log in?
A. You can add a logo and update your listings.

Q. How can I promote my craft event even further?
A. You can help by re-tweeting or sharing your listings on social media. The more you can do that, there more people will see your advert.

Q. How can I contact you if I have a problem?
A. send us a message to info@(nospam) but remove the (nospam) bit before you do. We'll get a contact page working soon.